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In May 2010, The Museum of Everything was invited by the gods of the art world to host Exhibition #2 at London's Tate Modern.

We accepted their kind invitation and asked the unintentional, unseen, unexhibited and unknown artists of Greater Britain to bring their work for us to display in the greatest museum in the land.

The results knocked our filthy socks right off. In just 3 days we displayed over 200 works to over 100,000 visitors who came to see us at the Tate Modern.

Each work was studied by our revolving Board of Trustees, including award-winning journalists Helen Sumpter and Louisa Buck, artists Charles Avery, Wolfe Lenkiewicz and Mathew Weir, museum directors Iwona Blazwick and Jenny Lomax and rock 'n' rollers David Dorrell and Jarvis Cocker.

The Museum of Everything also presented over 100 works from Exhibition #2 at the Crunch Festival 2010, a weekend of creativity and chit-chat on the corner of England and Wales.

On view was a call-centre worker's 7-year obsessive opus, the beguiling architecture of Britain's most illustrative prisoners and a vast cloth charting the medical history of its self-taught creator.

A book of our wonderful discoveries entitled simply Everything #2 is available from the The Shop of Everything for just £35. To buy your very own copy, please click here.

And now, please clap your hands for the chosen ones of Exhibition #2 who are:

Abron Laura May, Aisha Chist, Alan Bear, Alan Parker, Albert, Alex Jako, Ali Winstanley, Alice Auld, Alice Wisden, Alyson Torns, Amy Abbott, Andrew Litten, Andrew Macdonald, Angela Eden, Ann Hassan, Anna Kollman, Anne Ford, Arnold Circus, Azad Khan, Bee Peak, Ben Johnson, Ben McGibbon, Billy Weston, Bob Maurice, Bonzo, Brian Chin, Carl Backland, Carlo Kershishian, Carlos Slazenger, Chora Maywell, Chris Neate, Christopher Lakony, Clive Green, Coral Churchill, Dainoras Petrauskas, Dan Duggan, Dean Knight, Derek Perry (Metier), Dominic Tivadar, Doreen Poole, Duwayne Brooks, Edgeworth Johnstone, Edgeworth Johnstone, Edward Ofosu, Eiko Soga, Elena Cecchinato, Elton Leslie Darlow, Emma Critchley, Evie Salmon, Frederick Heymann, Gabriel Ibarra, Gareth Hughes, Gary Molloy, Geena Lloyd, Graham David Smith, Graham Quaintance, Helga Dorothea Fannon, Henrietta Allen, HG Mansfield, Howard, Ian Partridge, Indeer Batra, Isadora Reeves, Jacqueline Burton, James Lyons, Jasna Nikolic, Jeff Roland, Jessika Wahls, Joan Hobson, John Barton, John Burton, John Nugent, John Sheehy, Johnny Cole, Jonathan Meddings, Joyce Warren Webb, Juris Butons, Kate Merry, Kathleen Joyce, Kathleen Vaschel, Kenneth Roberts, Kim Noble, Lorenzo Belenguer, Ludvig Savage, Maf Prigg, Malcolm Lister, Manel Guell, Margaret Pepper, Mark Mead, Marta Angelozzi, Martyn Turay, Mary Valley, Matthew Plumb, Merrill Rauch, Michael Busby, Michael Smith, Natalie Swenarchuk, Nicola Fumpong, Nigel Kingsbury, Noj Barker, Nutan Kotecha, Oliver Malin, Pan Papacosta, Paolo Vercelli, Patricia Hursey, Patricia Lane, Patrick Carey, Patrick Joyce, Paul Spero, Peter Booth, Pilgrim, Pru Kemball, Rene Robins, Richee Culver, Robert Mitchell, Robert Ridley Shackleton, Roy Collison, Roy Gibson, Rufus Albanese, Sandra Gama, Sandra Robinson, Sarah Carter, Scott Twins, Sheona Gisby, Sonny Greenidge, Steev Burgess, Suki Jobson, Sybil Blake, Susan Naisbitt, Terry Kavanagh, Thomas Cert, Thomas Herold, Tiffany Sutton, Tuesday Greenidge, Verners Lazdans, Vincent, Zohreh Karangi.

PS If you are a non-professional, non-traditional or non-exhibited artist, or if you know one living or long-gone, or if you have some work you think might float our boat, even if you're just a chancer who wants some work displayed in The Museum of Everything, please email us at cd@musevery.com.

PPS If you were in Exhibition #2 and we've left you out, or if we've spelt your name wrong, or if something else has gone awry, please take a moment to verbalise your pain and click here to contact the complaints department.

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