Action Space
Mary Ogunleye

Adriano e Michele
est 1996 (Milan, Italy)
Giuseppe Bomparola
b 1961 (Roccabernarda, Italy)
A prolific and fervent colourist, whose classy portraits of fancy women inspire a fashion and pop starlet portfolio.
Gianfranco Corbetta
b 1933 (Besana Brianza, Italy)
Barely-there drawings of sequential moments from the artist’s past form a visual archive of lived and imagined memory.
Curzio Di Giovanni
b 1957 (Lodi, Italy)
Architectural portraits merge figuration and abstraction as features two-dimensionalise into seamless multifaceted forms.
Massimo Mano

Miguel Angelo Claro

Paulo Fonseca

Hélder Rodgriguez

Arte Down
est 1993 (Madrid, Spain)
Pilar Rodríguez Gallego
b 1965 (Madrid, Spain)
Industrious potter, painter and draftswoman whose intricate creations reflect an idiosyncratic and visceral perception of the figurative form.
Inés Gonzalo

Art Enables
est 2002 (Washington DC, USA)
Shawn Payne
b 1983 (Washington DC, USA)
Fashionista and jazz buff Payne is a footwear fetishist whose paper prototypes tread a hopeful path to a career in his beloved shoe industry.
Eileen Schofield

John Simpson

Jermaine Williams

Art Laundry
(Nenonpelto, Finland)
Kalle Pakarinen
b 1994
Inventor and model-maker, Pakarinen’s passion for functional design is a prerequisite for his future dreams of a factory life.
Marja Leena Ruotsalainen

Mikael Valjakka

Arts of Life
Daniel Brendel
b 1949
Brendal’s repertoire of presidential portraits repre-sent an affectionate and official ode to his beloved country’s past.
Gaby Carroll
Boldly executed paintings obscure windows and doors with bright imagery, lending discarded objects iconic art status.
David Krueger

Frances Roberts

Kristopher Schenkel

Jean Wilson

Christina Zion

Arts Project Australia
est 1973 (Victoria, Australia)
Alvaro Alvarez
b 1965 (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Books, magazines and calendars provide raw inspiration for this careful copyist who endlessly draws and re-draws his inner artistic goals.
Dionne Canzano
b 1970 (Melbourne, Australia)
Wistful works in shaded pastels convey big cats in the wild and the king of rock n' roll in this ambitious wide ranging oeuvre.
Alan Constable
b 1956 (Melbourne, Australia)
Registered blind artist whose astonishing 20 year practice of paintings and ceramic cameras reflect a fascination with a distant world of sight.
Leo Cussen
b 1959 (Melbourne, Australia)
The artist's taste for Hollywood glamour and TV kitsch gives forgotten fictional characters eternal technicolour lives.
Miles Howard-Wilks
b 1979 (Melbourne, Australia)
Artist, animator and ARF football fan, whose non-stop graphics of the deep blue sea have won him critical acclaim.
Julian Martin
b 1969 (Melbourne, Australia)
Methodical colourist whose distinctive still lives abstract into symbols through gradual layers of ever expanding shades.
Anthony Romagnano
b 1985
Pop, pop, pop, go Romagnano's jigsaw colours, idiosyncratic re-inventions of the album cover heroes from the dawn of 3 minute rock.
Catherine Staughton

Atelier 5
est 1998 (Schwäbischen Alb, Germany)
Romina Bafaro
b 1983 (Ehingen, Germany)
Painterly abstracts and pencil drawn sketches document this humorous artist's daily cable wrangling routine with technical and lyrical precision.
Roland Kappel
b 1949 (Reutlingen, Germany)
A construction site obsessive whose crane, digger and traffic sign opus recalls a childhood of urban renewal and his own architectural practice.
Marco Schmitt
b 1986 (Coesfeld, Germany)
Schmitt’s very minimal lines define everything he sees around him, from cityscapes to bottles of alcohol to thunderstorms and the open highway.

Atelier 23
est 2001 (Linden, Germany)
Uwe Breckner
b 1973 (Transylvania, Romania)
Breckner lives and breathes the fairground, labouring on intricate models of card, paper and glue to recall the details and memories of his youth.
Birgit Gigler
b 1961 (Linden, Germany)
A keen observer of the every day, Gigler transforms objects and fascinations into playful, larger-than-life studies.

Atelier Asfodelo
est 2008 (Parma, Italy)
Mattia Fiordispino
b 1986
Framer, draughtsman and engineer, this motor and sci-fi enthusiast populates his universe with spacecrafts, sports cars and teleported warriors.
Giovanni Rosselli
b 1951 (Parma, Italy)
Barber, butcher, shopkeeper, lifeguard and carpenter whose art treads a spiritual journey to the gods via eroticism, paganism and Christianity.
Marika Tresanini

Barrington Farm
est 1978 (Norfolk, UK)
Roy Collinson
1946–1999 (London, Britain)
An instinctive colourist with a strict work ethic, Collinson’s self-regarding opus celebrates a boy’s own world of cops, cowboys and guns.

Bethlem Arts – Bethlem Royal Hospital
est 1997 (Kent, UK)
(London, Britain)

Bildnerische Werkstatt
est 1985 (Rotenburg, Germany)
Immo Fiebelkorn
b 1956 (Rotenburg, Germany)
An intimate artist whose delicate countryside daydreams tell of a narrative Christian background through finely rendered watercolours and oils.
Sylvia Krause
b 1977 (Salzhemmendorf, Germany)
An inky utopia of night skies and country days form the distant and familiar world of this lyrical part-time painter.
Hildegard Meyer

Wolfgang Steinbach

Blu Cammello
est 1999 (Livorno, Italy)
Veronica Martinelli

Alessandra Michelangelo
1961-2009 (Livorno, Italy)
A figurative artist of enormous confidence who changed her surname from Brigiotto to Michelangelo to accredit her true inspiration.
Marinella Parente

Manuela Sagona
b 1977 (Livorno, Italy)
Words become pictures and pictures become words in this curious reproductive oeuvre encompassing the sea, celebrity culture and crime.

BOA Studio

Peter Hughes
b 1982 (Brisbane, Australia)
Social commentator Hughes warns the world with cautionary media tales retold in fast primary colours and bold just-say-no text.

Bracton Centre

Patrick Joyce
b 1970 (Manchester, Britain)
Peering faces and flying buildings populate the output of this newly discovered artist whose private visions unfold in wax crayon and pen.

Casa Azul
Miguel Corral

Colombo Centre
(Sri Lanka)



est 1994 (Wiltz, Luxembourg)
Jurgen Berg
Tom Wagener
b 1974 (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)
Facial expressions, African beasts, fashionable clothing and objects of wonder, all become fodder for Wagener's insatiable and engaging pop styling.
Carlo Wertheimer

Creative Growth
est 1974 (Oakland, USA)
Ramon Avalos
b 1969 (Michoacán, Mexico)
Repeated arcs of dense coloured wax indicate the artist's physical process, obscuring the paper with a dark iridescent and all-consuming glow.
Louis Estape
b 1938 (Honduras)
A commanding presence whose constant low-volume monologue complements his prolific and vivid illustrations of friends, family and faith.
Steven Geeter

Cedric Johnson

John Martin
b 1963 (Mississippi, USA)
Martin's memories become hand-drawn snapshots of his family's Arkansas farm, replete with trucks, snakes, pocket knives and cell-phones.
Dan Miller
b 1961 (San Francisco, USA)
Miller's art speaks through the gradual repetition of letters and words, drawn, painted or typed, building to the point of formalist abstraction.
Donald Mitchell
b 1951 (California, USA)
Cross-hatched fields of linear fixation hide autobiographical faces and forms, buried on the page in Mitchell’s prolific monochromatic oeuvre.
Erin Punzel
b 1985 (California, USA)
Colour, lots of it, all the time, everywhere, Punzel's never-ending saturation is a source of joy for the books, paper and canvases she fills.
William Scott
b 1964 (San Francisco, USA)
A highly skilled self-taught artist whose commercially appealing imagery retells a high-rise future for his impoverished low-rent childhood past.
Gerone Spruill
b 1973 (Oakland, USA)
DJ Disco Duck is an encyclopaedic music buff superstar, whose pop comicbook epic reveals the misadventures of his colourful Chocolate City cast.
William Tyler
b 1954 (Ohio, USA)
The 30 year practice of this natural born storyteller weaves a semi-fictional art narrative lived out with his real-life twin brother.
George Wilson
b 1946 (California, USA)
An artist of few words, Wilson's large-scale figurative drawings gracefully communicate his vibrant inner energy and perception of daily life.

Creativity Explored
est 1983 (San Francisco, USA)
Daniel Green
b 1985 (San Francisco, USA)
Entertainment, politics and sport collide in Green's graphic listings, inked onto wooden panels with personal comments and immediate concerns.
Camile Holvoet

Andrew Li
b 1965
An energetic illustrator and colourist, Li’s loose gestural drawings capture the frenzied street and moments of voyage.
Evelyn Reyes
b 1957 (California, USA)
Methodical choices and continuity of process are central to Reyes' astonishing abstracts and gives them a unique form, colour, texture and shape.

Debajo del Sombrero
est 2007 (Madrid, Spain)
José Manuel Egea
b 1988 (Madrid, Spain)
Unremitting layers of biro encircle clippings from glossy magazines to obscure the inhabitants of Egea's dense and evocative underworld.
Miguel Ángel Hernando

Flying Shuttles
est 1984 (Rhode Island, USA)
Andy Lacouture
b 1970 (Charlottesville, USA)
Wordsmith, humorist and more recently, embroiderist, whose pool hall obsession is revealed in a unique and tactile eight ball-ography.

Foundation Awit



Dolores Copones



Oscar Jason Dumo

Josefina Villasin

Mary Anne Adriano


est 2002 (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
Raimundo Camilo
b 193 (Ipu, Ceará state, Brazil)
Polished ballpoint banknotes form a collectable creative currency, revealing that the smiling banker's face is perhaps the artist's own.

Gallery Gachet
Laurie Marshall

est 1973 (Brooklyn, USA)
Yasmin Arshad
b 1975 (Florence, Italy)
Charts, calendars, phrases and dates form repetitive multicoloured assemblies in this sharply inquisitive artist's infinitesimal practice.
Amy Caliri

John Colby
b 1955 (Massachusetts, USA)
Despite limited mobility and cognitive skills, poet Colby's finely drawn minimalist repetitions reflect a powerful inner life and aesthetic eye.
Larry Edmiston
b 1958 (Baltimore, USA)
Cute teenage girls, faces turned away, skirts a little too high, these are the artist's High School crushes, lost to the passage of time.
John Howe

Robert Kirshner
b 1955-2009 (Boston, USA)
Kirshner's insatiable curiosity with modernity is remembered in evocative and scratchy sketches of thunderstorms, bulldozers and daily breakfasts.
Abdel Michel
Diaries of daily activities take fragile sculptural form, as the buses and buildings reduce to object.
Gilberto Palascios

Ray Salter
b 1948 (London, England)
The myth of early American authors is maintained in Salter's spare and painterly portraits, reminiscent of a style contemporary to its subjects.

est 2001 (Frankfurt, Germany)
Julius Bockelt
b 1983 (Frankfurt, Germany)
A free-hand artist whose structuralist drawings reflect an inner musicality and rhythm through their abstract and minimal patterns.
Holger Frischkorn
b 1974 (Frankfurt, Germany)
Large-format minimal figures fetishize hardcore male bondage, a sexual behaviour known to the artist only through his canvas expressions.
Hans-Joerg Georgi
b 1949 (Frankfurt, Germany)
Vast aircrafts of adhered cardboard set a mission to flee an uninhabitable planet in this visionary artist's drawn and sculpted flying cityscapes.
Stefan Häfner
b 1959 (Frankfurt, Germany)
Häfner's mesmerising Future City is a three-dimensional masterplan for evolution, imagined from private studies of architecture and construction.
Andreas Skorupa
b 1967 (Frankfurt, Germany)
A natural historian whose visual analysis of Japanese woodcuts and 18th Century saints provide rich pickings for his figurative meditations.

est 1954 (Maria Gugging, Austria)
Leonhard Fink
b 1982 (Vienna, Austria)
Objects, figures, buildings, maps, electronics, monsters, text, all are ingredients in the dense visual of this hungry young monochrome artist.
Heinrich Reisenbauer
b 1938 (Kirchau, Austria)
With motifs, methods, orders and organisations, Reisenbauer's 30 year art practice brings enforced harmony to an otherwise unruly visual world.
Günther Schützenhöfer
b 1965 (Mödling, Austria)
Everyday objects lose perspective, form, detail and sense in the fabulous pencilled abstracts of this perceptive and observational draftsman.
Karl Vondal
b 1953 (Obersiebenbrunn, Austria)
Delicate pastels outline busty blondes and their priapic lovers in the fictional autobiography of legendary creative love-maker, Vondal.

De Haagse
(The Hague, Netherlands)
Liliane Jansen
b 1977
Piet Keus
b 1948
Fabian Puls

Robbert van Stekelenburg
b 1968

est 1990 (New York, USA)
Everette Ball
b 1982 (Alexandria, USA)
A young adventurer whose conquest of Manhattan under his grandmother's eye is recalled in delicate sketches of mighty bridges and cityscapes.
Melvin Way
b 1954 (South Carolina, USA)
An instinctive creator whose prior life on the street informs complex algorithmical formulae, intended not as art, but perhaps as answers.

(Michigan, USA)
Willie Jones

Mark Wilson
1949 - 2009

est 1991 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Ben Augustus
b 1960 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
A predominantly non-verbal artist whose line-drawings place text, numbers and Playboy pin-ups in the football clubs and TV shows of his daily life.
Paulus de Groot
b 1977 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
The son of artists, Paulus' paintings reflect the death of his father, his own discovery of sex and the horror movies he watches every night.
Louise Guardia

Hans Hartman

Laan Irodjojo
b 1969 (Paramaribo, Suriname)
A silent savant whose photographic memory and perception lend a precise and lucid drawing style to Rotterdam's architecture and transportation.
Wendell Jesse Kerwhen
b 1988 (Terneuzen, Netherlands)
A fearless gunslinger who lives with his mother, Kerwhen uses pencils to explore a penis obsession and themes of armaments and masculinity.
Jeroen Pomp
b 1985 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
A full-time draughtsman who fills every paper edge to edge with plant life, cityscapes, fruits, animals and a twisted bird’s eye perspective.
Celeste Versluis

La Hesse
est 1992 (Vielsalm, Belgium)
Pascal Cornélis
b 1963 (Aye, Belgium)
Colours blur, eyes to the side, as men of every shape and size chat in the narrative of this comedically expressive portraitist.
Eric Derkenne
b 1960 (Stavelot, Belgium)
Working exclusively with his ballpoint pen, Derkenne's impactful figurative abstracts beat an interior rhythm communicated only through image.
Irène Gerard
b 1958 (Eupen, Belgium)
The human form is the starting point for this artist's work, inspired by images from art history, recontextualised completely as her own.
Josiane Herman
b 1970 (Verviers, Belgium)
Pencil shadings and fields of white chalk speak of a black and white world view where buildings and figures loom large.
Joseph Lambert
b 1950 (Grand-Halleux, Belgium)
An unknown alphabet invented over 15 years ago has become a musical creation, spreading out in monotone waves across the paper.
Benoît Monjoie
b 1960 (Liège, Belgium)
Women's magazines fascinate Monjoie, whose provocative sideways eyed models give him no end of pleasure - and his mother no end of aggravation.
Jean-Jacques Oost
b 1963 (Liège, Belgium)
The nude female form is Oost's domain, be she a black and white impression drawn on film or a brash colourful cartoon with naïve genitals.
Dominique Théâte
b 1968 (Liège, Belgium)
Self-portraits inspired by his identity card feature in the graphic-novel autobiography of this fictional WWF wrestler and parent-fixated painter.

est 1995 (Japan)
Yasuhiro Hirata

Kunizo Matsumoto
b 1962 (Osaka, Japan)
Astonishing text-based artist and entertainment obsessive whose lists, letters and diaries reflect his passions, from Kabuki to Chip 'n' Dale.
Masato Naka
b 1962 (Osaka, Japan)
Dense objects and landscapes of smudged pastel speak of a fertile inner life and the desire to communicate to all.
Masahiko Ooe
b 1965 (Osaka, Japan)
Domestic animals become abstract sculptures in the built-up white, green and black canvases of this gifted, intense and gentle figurative painter.

De Hoeve
(Laren, Holland)
Han Ploos van Amstel
b 1926 (Amsterdam, Holland)
This urgent vehicular artist refused all instruction and let the cars, trains and trams of his interior take over his exterior creative oeuvre.

est 1995 (Oberschleissheim ,Germany)
Franziskus von Branca

Peter Cäsar
b 1959 (Munich, Germany)
Influenced by arduous childhood journeys with his mother, Cäsar's paintings are peppered with trams, cable cars and the Wuppertal monorail.
Manfred Henke
b 1952 (Warendorf, Germany)
Designer, musician and one man rhythm section, Henke reproduces the tunes which capture his ear on the maps and atlases which capture his eye.
Mario Jambrešić
b 1966 (Paderbom, Germany)
Jambrešić's guards are cut-out talismans, doctors, lawyers and upright citizens, folded in his trouser pocket until ready to commit to a frame.
Sabine Münch
b 1963(Munich, Germany)
A prolific late bloomer whose patient engravings depict an inner cosmos of mammals and sea creatures, both recognisable and strangely alien.
Thomas Schlimm
b 1961 (Munich, Germany)
The circus recalled in languid large format works invites this gentle comedian to revel in the memories of his entertaining youth.

Hutt Vallery
(Wellington, New Zealand)
Daryl Kennedy

est 2002 (Osaka, Japan)
Yuichi Kitaike
b 1984 (Osaka, Japan)
Human beings of colour grids are existential mosaics in the ever-increasing population of Kitaike's distinct and creative world.
Takeshi Sakamoto
b 1988 (Osaka, Japan)
The larger-than-life comicbook characters of this soft spoken figurative artist reveal a bustling internal world of heroic animalistic proportion.
Tomoyuki Shinki
b 1982 (Osaka, Japan)
A combat sports fanatic whose hysteric grapplers squash bodies in fondly remembered CG matches and across vast scrolls of densely inked paper.
Eiji Takeda
b 1980 (Kochi, Japan)
Advertising motifs form the basis of this delicate slow motion practice, personalising 21st Century branding into an intimate and aesthetic form.
Katsuhiro Terao
b 1960 (Osaka, Japan)
An epic metal welder whose deconstructed collage and scratch-board opus challenge impossible architectural feats which cannot fail to astonish.
Kazuhiro Yoshimune
b 1984 (Osaka, Japan)
Over 200 colour notes form the basis of an ephemeral painterly non-style, as objects are relieved of all detail to become symbols of inner being.
Mitsuo Yumoto

De Kaai
est 1987 (Goes, Netherlands)
Marianne Schipaanboord
b 1965 (Appeldoorn, Netherlands)
The epic battle between the artist and her body are all but forgotten in the delicate watercolour fragments which diarise her world-class work.

Aija Penttilä

Declan Byrne

Francis Casey

Mary Cody

Jack Foskin

Kevin van der Heijden

Huub Robberts

Trees Speelman

Joe Bar

Dodi Eldar

Dana Lin

Tome Tal

Kobu Syu
est 2002 (Saitama, Japan)
Yuichi Saito
b 1983 (Saitama Prefecture, Japan)
A young painter whose visual abstractions reflect daily televisual obsessions and the repetitive alphabetic gestures of the letter “mo”.

Kunst En Vliegwerk
Fabio de Best

est 1994 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Christian Carlsen

Oline Cecilie Hedegaard
b 1990
Historical figures and legendary personalities re-turn to life in the hand of this Danish devotee.
Gunnar Karlberg
b 1955
An uncompromising draftsman and painter whose intense and fast creative technique results in complex sketches and repetitive canvas variations.
Thomas Larssen

Birgit Neja Jensen
b 1952
Society and its mannerisms are carefully studied and reinterpreted in Jensen's graphic, high-style and predominantly figurative paintings.

est 2003 (New York, USA)
Kenya Hanley
b 1975 (New York, USA)
Cell phones, cupcakes and culinary confections fill fantasies and patisseries in the grid based universe of this self-confessed sugarholic.

Latitude Arts
Beverly Baker

Jessie Dunahoo

est 1980 (Ried im Innkreis, Austria)
Josef Hofer
b 1945 (Wegscheid, Germany)
A non-verbal contemporary figuratist whose everyday art making practice exemplifies his unfettered creativity, enthusiasm and legendary onanism.

Little City Arts
est 1959 (Illinois, USA)
Charles Beinhoff
1939-2007 (Chicago, USA)
A remarkable diarist whose visual inner life is recalled in the everyday images of his art workshop and witty fantasies played out on the page.
Jeff Burke

Tarik Echols
b 1973 (Illinois, USA)
A musical artist who hums elaborate melodies as he weaves abstract layers of words, phrases and cut-out collage into wild fields of painted colour.
Brian Kaplan

est 1998 (Carpi, Italy)
Cesare Paltrinieri
b 1964 (Concordia, Italy)
Softly rendered chalk portraits of politicians and historical icons form an imagined coterie for this intense and solitary figuratist.
Gianluca Pirrotta
b 1980 (Palermo, Sicily)
Eye-catching grids connect Pirrotta with the buildings and football fields he loves, linking them to his own colourful emotions and memories.
Franco Veneri

Mayfield Arts
Ailbhe Barrett

Frankie Burton

Kunstwerkstatt Mosaik Berlin
est 1996 (Germany)
Till Kalischer
b 1967 (Berlin, Germany)
The evocative comic strip creations of this self-taught satirist speak of the females and fast cars of the Berlin street

Jaroslaw Barciak

Jaroslaw Chys

Tomasz Drybala
Tiny relics of icons and saints are private symbols of worship for this devout and traditionalist painter.
Dorota Filak

Witold Kobak

Monika Matoga

La Pommeraie
est 1982 (Ellignies–Saint-Anne, Belgium)
Jean-Jacques Bonnier

Georges Cauchy

Michel Dave
b 1941 (Jumet, Belgium)
Words and their associations create philosophical streams of felt-tip consciousness in this non-verbal artist/poet's handwritten oeuvre.
Alexis Lippstreu
b 1972 (Suresnes, France)
Sensitive copyist whose tiny figures wrapped in sheets of lead and coloured pencil contrast with giant faces in primary palette paint.

Project Onward
est 2004 (Chicago, USA)
James Allen

Ruby Bradford
b 1985 (Chicago, USA)
Superman, Prince Charles and Prince William star as leading men in the vivid painted canvases of this starry-eyed pop singer-songwriter.
Louis DeMarco
b 1985 (Chicago, USA)
Bold affirmations and cloud spreadsheets flow from the imaginary island of Loudemar, home to this esoteric artist, musician, designer and writer.
Adam Hines

Chuckie Johnson

The Center for Public Art and Design – North East Folk
est 2009 (Bridgeport CT, USA)
Ricky Hagedorn
b 1953 (Connecticut, USA)
A 30 year wood shingle practice documents vintage cars, planes and eateries, pictorially coded so the artist knows the time and date of creation.

Roppou Gakuen
(Hiroshima, Japan)
Hiroe Kittaka
b 1933
Inventor of a unique written language comprised of signs, letters and ideograms understood only by her and her late blind father.

Russia Special Life
Alexei Elkin

Die Schlumper
est 1984 (Hamburg, Germany)
Benjamin Binder
b 1989 (Hamburg, Germany)
Wooden protective covers for dictaphones and cassette players reflect the recording fixations that fuel this one-off artist's technological dreams.
Michael Gerdsmann
b 1968 (Hamburg, Germany)
Visually impaired artist whose crochet oeuvre of electrical appliances and potted plants lends these ordinary items extraordinary creative form.
Bernhard Krebs
b 1951 (Hamburg, Germany)
From child prodigy to lifetime painting activist, Krebs’ every waking moment is dedicated to the depiction of memories and television stars.

Signature Studio
est 1981 (Morganton, USA)
Laura McNellis
b 1982
A lifetime opus of tempera on newsprint documents the buildings, meals and fashions which make up this enigmatic artist's creative worldview.

Strathcona Centre
(London, Britain)
Duwayne Brooks
b 1957 (Tennessee, USA)
Inked illustrations adorn a diaphanous dream-world where loved ones, music and abstract shapes happily collide.

Survivors Art Foundation
(New York, USA)
Julio’s delicately rendered modern-day folk scenes speak of the archetypal pleasures of his native Gua-temala.

Galeria Tak
est 2002 (Poznan, Poland)
Przemyslaw Kiebzak
b 1973 (Poznan, Poland)
Foreboding monochromatic exteriors of castles and Gothic structures infer a dense private land, unknown to all but their mysterious Polish creator.
Henryk Żarski
b 1944 (Jabelwaren, Germany)
A silent mid-life painter whose first brush stroke encouraged him not only to speak, but to reveal the images of a fertile and vivid interior.

Antonio Adams

La Tinaia
est 1964 (Florence, Italy)
Giuseppe Barocchi

Marco Biffoli
b 1958 (Bagno a Ripoli, Italy)
Biffoli is a classical portraitist whose great loves are his sitters, psychoanalysed with paint on canvas until each session is complete.
Giovanni Galli
b 1955 (Florence, Italy)
A comicbook convert whose conspiracy universe of war weapons and space rockets liberate him to rescue ample starlets in tight-fitting lingerie.

Galerie der Villa
est 1999 (Hamburg, Germany)
Thomas Beisgen
b 1961 (Hamburg, Germany)
People, hundreds of them, tiny circles, dabs of watercolour, a country of abstracted rows immediately recognisable as the distant land of Beisgen.
Bernd Ollhorn
b 1959 (Hamburg, Germany)
A confident and happy-go-lucky draftsman whose daily ambles through Hamburg begets rectilinear mazes of buildings, tramways, cars and people.
Roland Schmitt

Harald Stoffers
b 1961 (Hamburg, Germany)
A thought, a word, a sentence, Stoffer's daily art practice speaks on his behalf in letters written to a fictionalisation of his own dear mother.

Vrijheidshof 5
(Oosterwolde, Netherlands)
Roy Wenzel
b 1959 (Heerlen, Netherlands)
Dutch artist whose distinctive penned and pencilled urges recollect figures, fields and fast trains from his childhood until the present day.

VSA Greece
Christina Vassiloglou

VSA Lithuania



VSA Sweden
est 1988 (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Hans Carbe

Kent Granquist
b 1950 (Kortedala, Sweden)
Late blooming painter whose figurative oeuvre reflects both his dark internal rumblings and his brilliant and creative lightness of touch.

Atelier Wijde Doelen
est 1991 (Utrecht, Holland)
Bob van Buuren

Jefke Dijkstra

Rob Morren
b 1968 (Utrecht, Netherlands)
The flat rectilinear box style of this radical visualist brings an intriguing idiosyncratic feel to even the most mundane of subjects.
Kitty van Straaten

Katinka Wassink

Derk Wessels

Atelier Yamanami
est 1986 (Shiga, Japan)
Isao Hayashiguchi
b 1967 (Shiga, Japan)
Simple faces looking out, surrounded by coloured gestures, giant friends from the artist's interior, peek out into the light of day.
Kazumi Kamae
b 1966 (Shiga, Japan)
A textile and ceramic artist whose dominating futuristic forms speak authoritatively on her behalf when she cannot.
Yumiko Kawai

Yukio Miyashita
b 1972 (Shiga, Japan)
Indian ink, pastel, paint and clay form the words, faces and cruciform figures of this multi-disciplinary artist's all-encompassing oeuvre.
Toshia Okamoto
b 1978 (Shiga, Japan)
An ex-trucker whose impressionistic vehicles recall his own juggernaut past and the daily thundering of transportation across the country.
Masayo Takiguchi

Noriko Tanaka
b 1979 (Shiga, Japan)
Yarnwork artist whose silent accumulative tapestries reveal a calm repeated form.
Masami Yamagiwa
b 1971 (Shiga, Japan)
Gargantuan monsters, microscopic frogs and armies of repetitive clay figurines cover the land in a fiendishly imaginative production process.
Shunji Yamagiwa
b 1938 (Shiga, Japan)
Formalist scratched black lettering covers every white surface in Yamigawa's indecipherable and eternal narrative.
Hideaki Yoshikawa
b 1969 (Shiga, Japan)
This transcendent draughtsman and sculptor can be identified by his remarkable clay figures where the eyes, nose and mouth are simply minimalist holes.

Atelier de Zandberg
est 1988 (Harelbeke, Belgium)
Christine Cattebeke
b 1959 (Kortrijk, Belgium)
The patterns found in nature initiate dense multi-layered oils in the hands of this confident abstract painter and textile artist.
Lia Hes
Heads, mushrooms, ghosts, organic abstract forms emerging spontaneously to create detailed segments of the artist’s subconscious.


Pippa Carvell