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Sorry ... but The Museum of Everything is no longer accepting submissions for Exhibition #5 at Garage Center of Contemporary Culture.

If you are a Russian self-taught artist, or you know someone who is, and want to submit a late entry, click here or email We can't guarantee a response, but if we're interested, we'll let you know.


Exhibition #5 opened on the 26th April 2013 at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Gorky Park, Moscow.

The exhibition featured many of our newly discovered artists, plus an outstanding selection of historic self-taught Russian art brut.

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We welcome all untrained, undiscovered and unintentional artists, including self-taught, alternative and non-traditional artists, visionary and naive artists and artists working outside the art world.

We encourage elderly artists, homeless artists and artists with physical or mental disabilities, as well as art created in community centres, churches, prisons, hospitals and mental health institutions.

We accept anonymous art, bodies of work by deceased artists and anything described as art brut or outsider art. We believe no-one is "outside", no matter who they are, where they are from or what they create.

Please note that while The Museum of Everything features artists of every age, race, creed and colour, we generally do not accept art created by professional artists or art students.


Artists can submit drawings, paintings and sculptures of any size and material. We consider works on paper, cloth, wood, stone and metal, plus carvings, books of sketches and artist installations and environments.

Artists should submit several examples of their work. We welcome large works and unusual formats, but generally do not accept photography, film or video, unless it documents artists or artworks.

All submissions are examined by a team of artists and curators. Successful entrants receive a Certificate of Participation and exceptional artists may be invited to participate in the final show.